Create Restaurant’s Online Menu to Get More Customers Online

Want to digitize your restaurant’s menu to get more customers online? It’s simple, give us your restaurant’s menu we will digitize it for free. Customers can easily order from your restaurant by browsing your online menu. With ease and convenience of online ordering, more and more customers order their food online rather than calling restaurants. With your online ordering system your customers can easily browse your restaurant menu from their home or office and order the food for delivery/takeaway.

How Your Restaurant’s Online Ordering Menu Displays Online?

While the customer looking for home delivery/takeaway, they go to your restaurant online and see the menu. Then select the items what they want and place the orders online. Your restaurant’s menu will be digitized and used in multiple channels like your website, facebook as well as in your restaurant mobile app. All the channels will display your restaurant’s menu items, item price, offers, item images, etc. So your customers can easily identify their item then order online for door delivery/takeaway.

Online Ordering Menu with Images

You may also add images for your every restaurant’s items, this visualizes your food item what their order food will look like and gives better feeling to order more items. If you add any new item in your menu list, your customers may don’t know what the item is, how the taste of the item, what’s the main ingredient of that item and etc. If you add the real image to your new item it helps the customers what the item is and realize the taste of the item, so your customers can enjoy their food with your new item.

Online Ordering Menu with Description

Also you can add description for your every food item in your online menu. Description can say what the item is, main ingredient of item, no. of pieces, quantity of item, etc. If you provide description to your items, your customers easily understand what the food item is, and make them to select their food items and order online for delivery/takeaway.

Edlar is a restaurants software provider. We provide online ordering system, table reservation system and point of sale for restaurant. If you want more customers we are at your service. We will digitize your restaurant menu to get more customers online. Get orders from website, facebook and mobile. Click here to know more features of online ordering system.

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