How to Get More Customers to Your Restaurant?

You can get more customers by advertising your restaurants in different  mediums. Print medium is very expensive. The best and easy way to get more customers is taking your restaurant online. Millions of customers order their food online, so let your targeted customers order online directly from your website.

How to get Online Ordering for your Restaurants?

Get Online ordering system to get more orders online to your restaurants. Tap the potential of the internet and online users. You are missing out large set of customers who preferred to order food online. Simply get online ordering system for your restaurant that gives you more food orders and improves your business.  Edlar’s Provides online ordering system which helps you to receive orders from your restaurant’s website, facebook page and mobile app.

Why online ordering system is essential?

Gone are the days were people had to call restaurants to order the food. Online ordering is the new way to order the food. With phone orders your restaurant’s staff might be busy with other customers. Online ordering system helps to get the orders in an easy way from your customers at anytime anywhere without relying on phone orders.

Your restaurant’s staff will receive the complete orders as a sms or email. You will receive all the information like customers name, address, mobile number and item details. So it is easier to your restaurant’s staff to manage orders for delivery. Also you can keep track of what are the items sold out, what are the items available now and etc. It helps you to handle multiple operations in a single system.

Make your customers happy with online ordering system

Edlar creates online ordering system for your restaurants. Your restaurant’s menu is digitally added with price list. So your customer can easily view all the items available in your menu then place their orders for delivery/takeaway. This eliminates the problems of missing orders while the phone is busy and prevent from wrong orders while restaurant’s staff wrongly heard the order items on the another end of the phone.

What you get in our Online Ordering  System?

Our Online ordering software for your restaurant comes with(web ordering apps, mobile ordering app and facebook ordering app). Web ordering app enables your customers to place the online order from your restaurant’s website, this help your customer to order in few minutes at anywhere anytime. And your facebook ordering app allows customers to order from your facebook page. And your mobile apps allow your customers to order the food from their mobiles at anytime within few minutes. If you already having a specific website for your restaurant then you no need to create a separate site for online ordering. You can create your online ordering system with your existing website of your restaurants. Creating online ordering system is easy, you just give your restaurant’s menu and we will set up online ordering for your restaurant in a day’s time.  Once the customer places the order, you get the order details by sms or e-mail and the customers have the option to pay cash on delivery or make online payment. Click here to know more features of online ordering system.

Try Risk Free for 30 days

Edlar helps you setup online ordering system for your restaurant, which matches your brand’s look and feel. Let your customers order their food the easy now, get yourself online ordering system.  Click here to try risk free for 30 days.

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